Our Gold painting level will get you a high-level display finish on all models, comparable to the box-art and advertising images that you will see when purchasing your miniatures from most high-end manufacturers.





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What to expect

Box-art finish.

A certain amount of time is spent on each individual model by a premium model manufacturer when it comes to producing their box-art images, and our Gold painting tier is where we will mirror that level of attention, dedication and care on to your chosen models, by team-members who have been there and done that at the highest level.

Intricate highlighting.

You can expect up to 4 levels of intricate highlighting on each colour, taking into consideration the subtle contrast in naturally darker areas and brightness in naturally lighter areas.

Bring your vision to life.

More elaborate and refined use of the previously mentioned advanced techniques such as glazing, blending and weathering can be utilised during the additional time spent on a Gold tier model, helping even further to bring your vision to life.

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The Process

Siege Studios have streamlined the process into 12 easy steps:

Other painting levels we offer:

Premium Gaming


Models with all details painted to a clean finish and fully highlighted.

Display Quality


Several stages of highlights and a further investment of time spent on all details. Exquisite looking models for gaming and great in a cabinet.

Competition-level Display


Handled only by our senior team of competition winners & industry professionals.


Warrior Workshop is a tabletop alternative to the painting levels we already offer here at Siege Studios.


Absolutely! Although filling up fast, our workbook is open and we are waiting to send you a quote. Get your enquiry over to us now on our Contact Page For a list of services we offer, check out our Services page. Please visit our our Terms & Information page to see all details about undertaking commissions with us.

Not a minimum cost as such, but the minimum commission size will we take on is 10 Infantry sized models, or 1 individual character model  / large singular model. If your enquiry meets either of those requirements, you’re good to go at whatever painting tier required. If you’re unsure that your commission reaches those requirements, feel free to submit an enquiry regardless and we can advise on whether we would be able to move forward with your request.

We have a specific model list format that we require all enquiries to be written in that allow us to give you a bespoke, comprehensive quote that will help you best understand what you are paying for when it comes to your commission. You can find an example of our enquiry format below, and also over on our Contact Page.

We accept electronic bank transfer.

We completely understand that when purchasing a premium commission such as those offered here at Siege that paying in one go might not be an option for everyone. We’d be happy to split your Completion Payment in multiple payment steps if this would help you. You can view more about Completion Payments and the rest of the payment process here at Siege over on The Process page.

Siege Studios is based in the UK, along with our entire painting team, however we will happily ship projects internationally and have done regularly since our very first year as a business. For more information on international shipping don’t hesitate to ask.

No. Unfortunately, although more often than not products such as painted miniatures are exempt from any import tax or similar charge, this can differ between not only the individual projects but also their destination country, size, value and country of origin among other things. Any additional charges such as, but not limited to, customs fees and import taxes are at the responsibility of the recipient to pay and not Siege Studios. For any further information on this, please feel free to ask any questions when submitting an enquiry.

If you have a specific date that you want your models for, such as a tournament or big game day, feel free to mention this on your enquiry and we can check this compared to our current workbook, waiting times and size of the job to see how close we can get to your deadline for you.

We will try our best to accommodate for your deadline but I’m sure you understand that when offering the quality of work that we do here at Siege, a quick turnaround will never be prioritised ahead of producing work above the industry standard.

The Siege team are character specialists, meaning they paint character models to a certain standard with a certain level of detail that just isn’t quite matched at our Bronze level. On top of this, Character models are painted from start to finish and not part of a batch painted group, unit or squad meaning that once a painter has started your character, they will dedicate all of their attention on it until it’s finished before moving on to the next part of the commission. This, again, is a level of attention and care that best suits a minimum level of Silver.

Unfortunately not – out of all of the services we offer, painting is the only one that is mandatory. The Siege Team are all recognised competition winners, finalists or painters with an industry professional background and as such, we feel like their time is best spent painting!

If your models have been built & cleaned to our studio standard, more information on which can be found at our Building & Cleaning page we may be able to accept them in if they have already been primed or base coated. If this is the case, please state on your enquiry so that we can contact and ask for images if necessary.

If a model needs to be stripped, we will not accept it in to the studio as we do not offer this service. Personally we find that the risk factor of the chemicals damaging the plastic, resin, or metal along with the time involved, is not worth it when compared to the cost of buying a new model. We often find that the end results are also much more impressive from a brand new model.

We have a dedicated quality control / packing team here at the studio who ensure that all models are as safely packaged as possible. You can view examples of our shipping & packaging process over at our Shipping page.

Built into the client experience at Siege we offer all clients regular updates, including confirming when your commission has been allocated to a painter, when work has started on your commission and also regular work in progress image updates on your commission. On top of this, you will find weekly work in progress images posted to our social media so you can keep up to date with your commission whenever you like, wherever you are.

The choice is yours! You can either supply us with the models or we can purchase them on your behalf at a discounted price. We have accounts with many of the leading wargaming companies and suppliers, with any discounts we receive being passed on to our clients.

If you ‘re going to supply the models yourself, be sure to check their availability on Element Games at this link to save yourself up to 25% on most model ranges from Games Workshop, Warlord Games and more. You can also use code SIE193 to get yourself double crystals at checkout!

We proudly work alongside KR Multicase and can offer their incredible bespoke army cases to you as part of your commission. If you’re looking for a case alongside your commission be sure to mention it in your enquiry.

If you think you have what it takes to paint join the team then we’d love to hear from you! You can find out more information on applying to join the team over on our Vacancies page.

As well as providing premium painting service the other thing the entire Siege team is passionate about is helping painters in the community progress. We offer painting courses nationwide throughout the year, as well as a range of tuition options starting at just $5 per month at our Patreon page. You can view more about Siege Tuition over at the Tuition page.