A work of art is only as good as the surface it is painted on.

That is the mentality you will find firmly in place here at Siege Studios when it comes to the building and cleaning of your models.

We pride ourselves on a second to none model building and cleaning service here at the studio and you can expect all mould lines and sprue joins to be removed entirely, with those areas smoothed over and cleaned to allow the paint to be unblemished on the surface of your finished commission.

On top of this, all weapon barrels will be drilled where suitable to give a sense of realism to your models before we have even start painting them.

Our building and cleaning service is economically priced to allow you to have your models properly cleaned no matter which premium painting levels you choose for your commission.

Of course, the option is also there for you to build and clean the models yourself before sending them to us. In this case, your models will need to be 100% compliant with the studio standards of building and cleaning, which will be laid out both in your initial quote email and once again prior to you sending us the models.

No part of our building & cleaning requirements are optional, and all standards must be matched for your models to be accepted into the studio.

Should you send models that do not meet the requirements here at the studio, will we contact you to either organise the additional building & cleaning charges required to go ahead with the commission, without which the models will be rejected from the studio and your commission cancelled.

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