Thanks for visiting our website, if you would like a quote or have a question, please complete all the information below as thoroughly as possible.

    Please Note

    Our minimum level for characters is Silver unless you are having a Warrior Workshop commission in which case characters can be painted as part of the army.

    Please Note

    In your message please send over a list of models EXACTLY as laid out in our format below and we will get a quote over to you.

    Please let us know model numbers, type, your chosen painting level and basing level, if Siege Studios are supplying models and finally if we are building and cleaning them.

    To add an additional service to your model simply include any of the following on that line: Freehand, Converting, Magnetising, Sculpting or Transfers.
    We also require in your message further information on each additional service.
    For example: "I would like the land raider to have a freehanded Emperor on the side"
    . This helps us quote you accurately, so please be as specific as possible.

    Please note we do not paint characters to bronze level - (silver level minimum)

    Example of how to write your Siege Studios model list:

    1 x Primaris Captain, Gold Painting, Gold Basing, Siege Supply, Sculpting, Building & Cleaning.

    10 x Intercessors, Silver Painting, Bronze Basing, Converting, Client Supply, Building & cleaning.

    1 x Land Raider, Silver Painting, No Basing, Freehand, Client Supply, Building & Cleaning.

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