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Siege Studios is the wargaming industry’s leading commission miniature painting company, creating and painting miniatures to the highest standards.

Our studio artists and office team are our greatest asset and each individual forms an integral part of our diverse, passionate and future-focused team. By all working together, we create our clients visions with a bespoke yet personal approach which is second to none.

Looking for growth, variety and a challenging opportunity pushing you out of your comfort zone? Look no further.

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"Working for Siege Studios has been the best job I’ve ever had. I absolutely love every day and the variety of miniatures I have the pleasure of painting makes for a very rewarding experience. The great support network at Siege has been invaluable to my painting career. The support and working environment is excellent, and I’ve always felt valued and listened to. I would highly recommend working for Siege Studios to anyone."

Amy - Artist

"Working for Siege is hands down the most enjoyable job I've had. Combining a personal passion of mine in the form of in-house miniature painting, along with exceptional communication of the office gives me the power to focus deeply into whatever intricate task I'm on to ensure the best results."

Adam - Affiliate Painter

"Since joining the painting team at siege, my skills as a miniature painter have improved exponentially to levels I never believed I could have achieved. It’s so inspiring being in a workplace full of so many talented, like minded individuals and everyone has been so positive and encouraging!"

George - Artist & Content Creator

"I feel valued here at Siege, working for a smaller more personal company that actually takes into account my views on the job and makes changes based on this has made me feel far more valued as a person/employee and not just a worker for a company."

Paul - Storeman

"A sincere and genuine focus on helping and supporting staff wherever possible, so that they can produce the highest quality painting for clients, combined with an environment of like minded people who have real passion for painting and basically any niche nerdy subject you could want to talk about makes siege truly the most comfortable working experience I’ve ever had."

Danny - Artist

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