Here at Siege Studios we offer four clear cut premium Basing levels.

These can be mixed and matched from unit to unit to tailor your commission to fit your desired look and budget. For a full range of images of our quality please check our gallery and follow us on Instagram.

Competition-level Display


High Competition-level Basing – Base is modelled, painted, highlighted and finished to a competition level to boost the overall appearance for display and create a real sense of interaction and narrative.

High Display Quality


High Display Quality Basing – with slate, tufts, debris, enemy heads or weapons all painted to a high display level with full highlighting and contrast to really finish the model off.

Display Quality


Display Quality Basing – with slate or other materials – cork etc., tufts, multiple levels of highlighting, glazing and washing to really finish off and decorate the models.

Premium Gaming


High Tabletop Basing – sand or other material painted with multiple highlight levels and washes with some tufts or other similar materials to complete the model.