Crimson Guard Space Marines Army



Studio Crimson Guard Space Marine Army

We have a stunning studio custom scheme Crimson Guard Primaris Space Marine army for sale.

This army comes as seen in the images, we hold the full recipe and process should you wish to add more to the army through us.

This army is a painted to our Silver &  Bronze levels giving you a gorgeous army for gaming or display and contains the following models:

  • 1 x Gravis Captain
  • 1 x Primaris Librarian
  • 1 x Bladeguard Ancient
  • 1 x Lieutenant Amelius
  • 3 x Bladeguard
  • 10 x Intercessors
  • 2 x Intercessor sergeants with aux grenade launcher)
  • 5 x Hellblasters
  • 10 x Reivers with grapnel launchers
  • 5 x Infiltrators
  • 5 x Assault Intercessors
  • 3 x Invictor Warsuits (both gun options)
  • 1 x Redemptor Dreadnought (plasma cannon, stormbolters, icarus rocket pod)

We ship internationally via DHL signed and tracked shipping that is fully insured.

If you have any questions about this army please email us at