Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Two In One Airbrush [V2.0]


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Evolution – The Classic Airbrush

Harder and Steenbeck Evolution Two In One Double Action Gravity Feed Airbrush (123003)

The “Two in One” is constructed in the same way as the Evolution Solo model, but with two nozzles and two cups.

The Evolution 2 in 1 Airbrush doesn’t come supplied with gravity cup lids.


  • 0.2mm Nozzle & Needle Integrated
  • 0.4 mm Nozzle & Needle Included
  • 2 ml Gravity Cup Integrated
  • 5 ml Gravity Cup Included
  • Quick Release Tail
  • Presentation Case
  • 0.2mm Nozzle Set Fitted
  • 0.4mm Nozzle Set Included
  • 2ml Gravity Cup Fitted
  • 5ml Gravity Cup Included