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We always get asked which lights we recommend for miniature photography or videography and are proud to work in partnership with Native Lighting.

The ECLIPSE, a new light which we consider industry standard as a minimum for the serious miniature painter.

The Eclipse Ring Light has a 45cm (18″) diameter head, which is supported by an adjustable tripod and has a LED bulbs that are dimmable, making this an ideal lamp for miniature painting or photography.

It has three adjustable/removable camera/phone holders, which open up to 8cm (3″) wide and are situated in the middle of the lamp. The lamp’s height can be adjusted between 128cm – 220cm, meaning that no matter your height, whether you are seated or standing, the mobile device will always be at a height to suit you and can be operated by a Bluetooth remote control (included with lamp) for hands-free operation of mobile devices when using the ring light.

Below the holders are four touch sensitive buttons that enable this lamp to be turned on/off, adjust the brightness and three colour temperatures.

This lamp is powered by a plug, is lightweight and can be folded down and placed in its case making it easily transportable.


  • Ring light sits on a tripod, which is height adjustable.
  • The LED bulbs are dimmable and feature three different colour temperatures.
  • Has three holders for cameras or mobile devices, making this an ideal lamp for filming, watching videos or for photography.
  • Features touch sensitive buttons for easy adjustment of light.
  • Comes with Bluetooth remote for hands-free operation of mobile device when in use with Eclipse Ring Light.
  • Can be easily stored in lightweight carry case.

Technical Details

  • Light source – LED
  • Light diameter – 45cm / 18″
  • Maximum height – 220cm / 86.5″
  • Minimum height – 128cm / 50″
  • Depth of stand – 55cm / 21.5″
  • Cable length – 188cm / 74″
  • Camera/phone holder width – 8cm / 3″
  • Light colour temperature: 2700°K, 4700°K and 6000°K
  • Case dimensions – 50cm x 50cm (19.6″ x 19.6″)