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  • “Siege Studios did a fantastic job on our Space Marine chapter. The level of quality exceeded my expectations, and make a fine addition to the MiniWarGaming Space Marine chapter. Thanks for the great work!”

    -Matthew Glanfield, co-owner of

  • “Siege studios did a great job working on my miniatures, especially on the infantry. The bronze level is really good for table top standards”

    Paul-henry Marteau

  • "Siege Studios all round quality of service was fantastic. The standard of painting quality at all levels was exceptional, I would highly recommend them and look forward to having more commissions done in the future."

    Ryan Meek

  • "This is my first time using a painting studio and i was slightly apprehensive but my fears dissipated by the friendly and professional manner of the staff a Siege Studios. This coupled with excellent painters and good value for money makes me more than happy to recommend them to others and re-use myself keep up the great work!"

    Jamie Watson

  • "Great communication during the entire process, always knew what was going on. The models I ordered really fit in well with my existing force. Just letting them know what you're looking for will do! Great work!!"

    Robin Lee Summers

  • "Three words to describe Siege Studios - "Simply the Best" commission service right now offered on the market. The most bang for your buck from the exceptional service provided to the masterful painting of your models. The Director, James, is always on the ball in terms of updates on your project including pictures on the progression of how your models are painted. Without a doubt full recommendations as you will not only be 100% satisfied with the finished product but you will always be kept in the loop knowing that your project is in safe hands."

    Alvin Hwang

  • “If you don’t have the time, drive or skill to paint models like I don’t, the guys at Siege will do an amazing job on your army for an affordable price. I will be sending them more of my models to paint soon, consider me a very happy customer!”

    Ross Ferguson

  • “I had a tight budget for my hobby and Siege worked with it and produced a brilliant army! 100% recommend these guys, professional, friendly with a great service! Top notch!”

    Paul Warrick

  • “An awesome painting service provided by true hobbyists. From the start I received a great service with plenty of communication not to mention a fast turnaround! The best thing was they worked to my budget! Thoroughly Recommended!”

    David Bestwick

  • “Siege Studios executed an amazing commission for me, it exceeded my expectations in every way and was delivered ahead of time, within budget and with a fantastic attention to detail and level of service. A fast and friendly lot who I would recommend for a build & convert commission, I will definitely be back for another project!”

    Nick Rotheroe

  • “A fast and friendly lot who I would recommend for a build & convert only commission will defo be back for another project!”

    Martyn Carter

James Otero:

I got into the hobby through family buying me some old Warhammer from a charity shop back when I was around 11 years old and have never looked back!

17 years later my passion for the hobby in all aspects burns stronger than ever and I am constantly trying to better myself in painting, modelling, playing the games and learning rules. I play loads of different games but I will always hold a special place in my hobby time for 40K.

I'm a huge fan of all the background, models, characters and the game in general. I'm a loyalist player through and through and my main armies are my Sisters of Battle and Blood Angels, which are both the pride of my collection.

When it comes to painting, modelling and converting I have always tried to better myself on every model I produce and never settle for the easy option or taking shortcuts.

Quality, attention to detail and a striking model are paramount for me!


I have been painting and gaming for nearly 15 years, ever since that fateful first trip into my local Games Workshop with a friend. I was hooked and so began my great hobby journey.

I love to paint, anything and everything, from 40k and Warhammer Fantasy to historical miniatures, and in any scale. I have many finished armies and i always have a few personal projects on the go at any one time covering a diverse range of genres and scales.

I have never entered a serious competition before so that's the next step for me.


You will never meet a more passionate person when it comes to miniature painting. I'm on a constant mission to push and progress my painting and I'm never happier then when I'm discussing techniques, or helping other with their painting.

Doing commission work gives me the chance to paint even more and work on projects I would never have thought of doing. There's nothing more rewarding then getting the positive feedback from customers I paint for and I hope to continue to improve and offer clients the best work I can do.


Big time geek, martial artist, Adeptus Arbite and lover of video games. Been into the wargaming hobby since 1998. I started with Warhammer 40,000 and have been hooked ever since.

Always been an avid painter, and have loved playing the game all the same. I'd say for me they go hand in hand, I'm always trying to push my painting skills and broaden my knowledge.

Personally I love to see great painted armies battling it out! There's nothing more rewarding than making, painting and then finally using what you've created to take to the table top!

Richard M:

Painting has been my biggest passion since I first picked up a brush.

I have been painting miniatures for 8 years and am dedicated to perfecting my craft, painting miniatures is my biggest passion as well as talking to other hobbyist about there ideas and hearing how they want to bring them too life!.

I have always enjoyed painting in a unique style, I ain't to portray gritty realism in my work and to add character and realism through extensive use of weathering and battle damage.

Joe J:

I started the hobby when I was 7 and I've been hooked ever since! I'm always trying to push my painting and modelling skills to the next level, trying new techniques and using different products to tell a story through my miniatures.

I tend to go for a more realistic, weathered look with my miniatures rather than a fresh, clean look as weathering can be helpful in setting a scene and creating different textures on a miniature.


I wandered into my first Games Workshop in the late eighties and also picked up my first White Dwarf, since then I have been hooked on getting hold of and painting miniatures of all kinds to the best of my ability. I am obsessed with improving my skills and making sure that my work is the best it can be, constantly trying to pick up new techniques from everywhere and anywhere!

I am a guardsman when it comes to playing - probably because I like a challenge! The main thing I love about the lifestyle though is the diversity of people and players you come across - and the constant creation of new games an minis. There is always something new to paint/ learn and I look forward to helping you get the best minis for your tabletop

Ben S:

I have been in to the hobby for 27 years and counting. I've always been a huge collector of everything nerd but miniatures is a passion that runs deep ,the painting side of things only got serious 10 or so years ago but will always be an ongoing progression....

Collection wise I love most stuff especially if there's a big gun involved ! I love basing the most ,more is more I say none of this less is more business! Oh I also like weathering lots of rust and chipped paint.