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  • “Siege Studios did a fantastic job on our Space Marine chapter. The level of quality exceeded my expectations, and make a fine addition to the MiniWarGaming Space Marine chapter. Thanks for the great work!”

    -Matthew Glanfield, co-owner of

  • “Siege studios did a great job working on my miniatures, especially on the infantry. The bronze level is really good for table top standards”

    Paul-henry Marteau

  • "Siege Studios all round quality of service was fantastic. The standard of painting quality at all levels was exceptional, I would highly recommend them and look forward to having more commissions done in the future."

    Ryan Meek

  • "This is my first time using a painting studio and i was slightly apprehensive but my fears dissipated by the friendly and professional manner of the staff a Siege Studios. This coupled with excellent painters and good value for money makes me more than happy to recommend them to others and re-use myself keep up the great work!"

    Jamie Watson

  • "Great communication during the entire process, always knew what was going on. The models I ordered really fit in well with my existing force. Just letting them know what you're looking for will do! Great work!!"

    Robin Lee Summers

  • "Three words to describe Siege Studios - "Simply the Best" commission service right now offered on the market. The most bang for your buck from the exceptional service provided to the masterful painting of your models. The Director, James, is always on the ball in terms of updates on your project including pictures on the progression of how your models are painted. Without a doubt full recommendations as you will not only be 100% satisfied with the finished product but you will always be kept in the loop knowing that your project is in safe hands."

    Alvin Hwang

  • “If you don’t have the time, drive or skill to paint models like I don’t, the guys at Siege will do an amazing job on your army for an affordable price. I will be sending them more of my models to paint soon, consider me a very happy customer!”

    Ross Ferguson

  • “I had a tight budget for my hobby and Siege worked with it and produced a brilliant army! 100% recommend these guys, professional, friendly with a great service! Top notch!”

    Paul Warrick

  • “An awesome painting service provided by true hobbyists. From the start I received a great service with plenty of communication not to mention a fast turnaround! The best thing was they worked to my budget! Thoroughly Recommended!”

    David Bestwick

  • “Siege Studios executed an amazing commission for me, it exceeded my expectations in every way and was delivered ahead of time, within budget and with a fantastic attention to detail and level of service. A fast and friendly lot who I would recommend for a build & convert commission, I will definitely be back for another project!”

    Nick Rotheroe

  • “A fast and friendly lot who I would recommend for a build & convert only commission will defo be back for another project!”

    Martyn Carter

Welcome to Siege Studios,

Welcome to Siege Studios. We are a premium & professional commission miniature painting studio based in the United Kingdom. Here at Siege we offer our clients a personal & friendly service from start to finish with the highest professionalism possible. We are here to help turn your creative ideas for wargaming miniatures into reality through unrivalled service, excellent communication and dedication to your project.

We wish to be helpful and aid you in choosing the painting and basing levels that are visually and financially right for you. All of our levels are of an extremely high quality. The models we paint have 90% hand brush work done with minimal air brush work and nothing more. As a result, our turnaround time is slightly longer than most of our competitors as we pride ourselves on quality not speed and that is what you, our client, is paying for.

Using us for your project gives you access to our team’s 60+ years collective experience in miniature painting with brushes, air brushes, converting, freehand, miniature lighting and army building. We have a professional studio available with a wide range of paints, materials and equipment to complete your project. There is no project that we are unable to complete for you.

Siege offers four clear cut painting and basing levels:

Painting Levels:

Platinum – High Competition-level Display – Full highlighting and detail with freehand and full custom works all to make totally unique pieces.

Gold – High Display Quality – full detail, full highlighting, ornate and perfect for characters, captains etc.

Silver – Display Quality – Display level with a lot of highlights and details picked out. Perfect for armies.

Bronze – High Tabletop – models look good on their own and in units, multiple levels of highlighting and detail work to really bring them to life.

Basing Levels:

Platinum – High Competition-level Basing – Base is modelled, painted, highlighted and finished to a competition level to boost the overall appearance for display and create a real sense of interaction and narrative.

Gold – High Display Quality Basing – with slate, tufts, debris, enemy heads or weapons all painted to a high display level with full highlighting and contrast to really finish the model off.

Silver – Display Quality Basing – with slate or other materials – cork etc., tufts, multiple levels of highlighting, glazing and washing to really finish off and decorate the models.

Bronze – High Tabletop Basing – sand or other material painted with multiple highlight levels and washes with some tufts or other similar materials to complete the model.

From starting a project with us you are kept up to date with its progress through images and all our projects are posted on all of our social media platforms. You can check the status of your project whenever you want, wherever you are.

Our full service includes buying the models using our supplier’s discounts, full cleaning & assembly, converting, freehand, magnetising, painting & basing. We also offer services like stripping the old paints from the models, LED light installations and making & painting dioramas. Everything is calculated in a detailed pricing schedule per level. If you want to do any part of the process yourself then you are more than welcome to; our service is totally bespoke to your requirements. We recommend using all aspects of our service as all are done to a very high standard with quality and attention to detail assured.

We are partnered with a variety of wargaming industry professionals including JMD Scenery who produce some of the industry’s leading bespoke wargaming scenery, KR MultiCase who can provide you with the best transport and storage cases available for your miniatures and BitzBox who can supply you with and parts you are looking for. This is beneficial to you, our client, as we can help you to acquire anything you want or need.

Thank you for visiting our website, please view our gallery and social media websites. If you have any questions or have a budget to work to please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form. We are ready and happy to aid you in creating your vision.

Take Care & Happy Wargaming

Siege Studios Team